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8th-Jan-2011 12:58 pm(no subject)
laon - what is this who are you
DEAREST F-LIST does anyone else have a xbox live gold account and want to derp around online with me? I just gone mine for the holidays, but dnw to play with random assholes online.
29th-Dec-2010 07:01 pm(no subject)
durarara!! - IT WAS FATE
Apologies to anyone who is getting this for a third time.

But I am so excited I must post about it too.

~*vigrith*~ is an RP that two friends and I have been working on for a few months now! It's panfandom/OC-friendly and planned to be plot-heavy (omg I helped do plotting things!!). I AM SURE THIS IS NOT EVERYONE'S CUP OF TEA particularly because of the amount of info reading you'll have to do but we weren't sure how else we could make it panfandom without... explaining the world.

ANYWAY I hope you will check it out; the game starts next Saturday and apps/reserves are currently open.

TALK TO ME IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS I will be ttly professional and explain as best I can. Or cry at the other mods to give me an answer to give to you.
24th-Aug-2010 05:52 pm - I am a greatest friend
yoite - AMAZING
me: ...
me: [pat]
me: It's okay
me: I have seen people in MMOs
me: Believe other people who tell them things like Alt+F4 opens a special menu
kangawu: ...what does that do
me: ...
me: ... try it now it opens a special menu
kangawu: ...
kangawu: no
kangawu: >(
1st-Jun-2010 12:07 am - Personal Cosplay List
durarara!! - IT WAS FATE
PERSONAL REFERENCE mostly. Need to start digging out the old cosplays and making sure everything's there too.

Will add more to this later when brain is functioning.

Dropped a set due to time constraint and added a new possibly solo cosplayCollapse )
18th-Apr-2010 12:11 pm(no subject)
ahiru - neener
I love what Monty Oum makes for practice between Dead Fantasies.
7th-Apr-2010 02:33 pm - I tuuuurn to yooou
yuri - a small town boy
FList, I need help.

I've been on a reading binge recently; mostly during the 15 minute break I get at work or whenever I'm bored and no where near a computer. I've been reading the Belgariad series recently and am drawing near the end of Polgara the Sorceress, which means I'm going to need something new to read. But I don't know what to read.

That is where you step in!

Please recommend me a book or series, any book or series, that you've liked. I'll read just about anything (the really old classics like Pride and Prejudice and etc are sadly not my thing), though I prefer something with some humor in it.

Things I have read recently and enjoyed include The Belgariad/Mallorean/etc series, assorted Terry Pratchett books, Stephanie Plum novels, the Black Dagger Brotherhood (lol) series, Chronicles of Narnia, Young Wizards series, aaaand Cirque du Freak. I have actually not read a lot of books in my lifetime, so there is a good chance I haven't read a book you'll recommend, so feel free to list as many as you want. Also, as evident from a couple of those books, I have no problems with going back to read Youth/Children novels. Mostly since I can get through them faster now hurr hurr.

I eagerly await your recommendations o7
8th-Mar-2010 06:25 pm(no subject)
yuri - a small town boy
This was pimped on my flist so I am pimping it in return

originalele for your OC needs without the need for... all that other stuff that goes with RPing like APPS. EDIT: It's a dressing room |D

I am looking at you Countshire crew.
17th-Feb-2010 06:14 pm - AX2010 Weapons List
So because I still have little to no sewing ability and thus am not very helpful when it comes to that department, I have decided to tackle the props for our cosplay group this year. We were kind of lacking in props last year so I am SUPER EXCITED this year because we have WEAPONS. The weapons being:

Yuri's sword (basic katana or Dein Nomos)
Raven's dagger
Rita's attack scroll which is her belt in the official art wtf
Rita's butt book
Raven's bow + arrow (optional)

Pandora Hearts
Break's beating stick (can anyone tell I'm not the one who's read Pandora's heart)

Yogi's rapier
Repair Hirato's jeweled sticksword
Nai's bracelet

... I should probably get started early but HELL WHY ARE GOOD WEAPON IMAGES HARD TO FIND FOR VESPERIA /rage
14th-Jan-2010 04:35 pm(no subject)
rokujo - winnar
I love my professor for using Star Trek characters to explain personality types.
7th-Jan-2010 04:09 pm(no subject)
laon - what is this who are you
Holy crap The Belgariad is an awesome series why am I so late to that party.
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